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FRCEM Primary

Over 4700 questions including over 3000 single best answer questions

FRCEM Intermediate

FRCEM Intermediate

Over 1000 questions including over 650 short answer questions

FRCR Part 2A

FRCR Part 2A

Over 800 questions for the new format Final FRCR Part 2A



Over 3000 high-quality, curriculum-based MRCGP AKT questions

PLAB Part 1

PLAB Part 1

Over 1000 questions, mapped to the GMCs PLAB blueprint

Anatomy Prep

Anatomy Prep

The ultimate online resource for learning anatomy


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The Story of Rene Laennec and the First Stethoscope

No single piece of equipment is more synonymous with the medical profession than the stethoscope. I can vividly remember wearing my brand new Littmann stethoscope with pride on ward rounds as a medical student, desperately trying to discern diastolic murmurs and extra...

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Test Your Anatomy Knowledge – The Upper Limb

Test your knowledge of upper limb anatomy with these questions. 1. Which of the following muscles is LEAST likely to be affected in the presence of an ulnar nerve lesion? A. Palmar interossei B. Lateral two lumbricals C. Dorsal interossei D. Medial two lumbricals E....

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A Homeless Man with a Head Injury

A 61-year-old man of no fixed abode suffers a head injury during a fall. You organise a full set of bloods and a CT scan of the head as part of his work up. The bloods show deranged liver function tests and a macrocytic anemia. The CT scan of the head is reported as...

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“I have been using your site for the past 6-8 months preparing for my FRCEM Primary. As always your reply service is amazing!! The site is really well detailed and gives loads of insight as to what needs to be known for the exam. I like the structure, especially the recent design where you can choose which sub-topic you want to revise.”

Dr Mikhail Baldacchino, Emergency Medicine ST1, England

“Great bank of questions to help guide and tailor revision for the new format FRCR 2A. Good breakdown of answers with explanations. Very useful resource and I would recommend to second and third year trainees.”

Dr. Abdul Munshi, ST3 Radiology, London

“This is an innovative and well-organised on-line learning tool to help candidates prepare for the MRCGP: designed and run by doctors who are themselves up to date with the College syllabus, it enables those doctors who are preparing for the MRCGP to critically appraise their potential weaknesses whilst getting extensive practice with typical AKT questions. An ideal way to maximise one’s chances of passing the MRCGP!”

Dr Michael Barrie, GP Principal, Greater London

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