Evidence-Based Medicine and Statistics for Medical Exams


The essential guide to evidence-based medicine and statistics.

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Statistics and evidence-based medicine are notoriously poorly understood by medical students and doctors. Many students struggle to grasp even the most basic concepts and getting to grips with the more complex aspects can be truly daunting.

Despite this, these topics have become a vital part of medical practice over recent years. Doctors are now expected to be able to critically appraise scientific papers and journals, and use the information within them to help them to make pragmatic and sensible management decisions with their patients.

It is now impossible to stay up-to-date and practice evidenced-based medicine without a solid understanding of medical statistics. Because of this statistics is now an important part of most medical exams, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. This manual is designed to give medical students and doctors a good basic understanding of the principles that they will need to successfully navigate the statistics questions that they are likely to encounter.

The key topics covered in this book include:

  • Clinical governance and audit
  • Types of study
  • Confounding, bias & effect modification
  • Phases of clinical research
  • Meta-analysis & systematic review
  • Commonly used plots and graphs
  • Sample distribution
  • Epidemiological data
  • Measuring, describing and comparing data
  • Correlation & regression
  • Risk & odds
  • Diagnostic tests & screening programs


Evidence-Based Medicine and Statistics for Medical Exams is a remarkable book. Its audience will be far wider than that that suggested by the title. Whilst it may be aimed at students sitting undergraduate and postgraduate exams, it will be enormously helpful to practicing doctors and those, too, in allied healthcare professions. It guides the reader through the subject clearly and succinctly, explaining concepts and terms and statistical models. And all this is achieved with clear text, supportive illustrations, and quizzes at the end of each chapter.

Dr Michael Barrie, GP Principal and author of the highly acclaimed book The Surgeon’s Rhyme


About the Author

Dr. Marc Barton qualified from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2001. Since that time he has worked in a variety of different medical specialities. He worked as a GP partner from 2006 until 2008 and more recently as a higher specialist trainee in Emergency Medicine. He has gained a formidable reputation as an exam candidate and in addition to passing a Bachelor of Science degree and Medical Finals as an undergraduate, he has also passed three postgraduate membership exams and two postgraduate diploma exams. He has an active interest in medical education and a wealth of experience teaching both medical students and doctors. In his private life, he is a devoted husband and father of three children. He is also a lifelong martial artist and regularly teaches Jiu-Jitsu in his spare time.


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