What doctors are saying about our courses:

I found FRCR Exam prep to be a very useful exam resource. I found it a very helpful online tool for consolidating my revision for the 2A exam. I would definitely recommend it!

Dr. Shannon Anderson

ST3 Radiology, United Kingdom

This website is a fantastic revision tool for the MRCEM Primary examination. I really can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone about to sit the exam. The questions are challenging, well written and really represent what you will encounter in the actual exam.

Dr. Anbin Naidoo

Emergency Medicine Registrar, London

Great bank of questions to help guide and tailor revision for the new format FRCR 2A. Good breakdown of answers with explanations. Very useful resource and I would recommend to second and third year trainees.

Dr. Abdul Munshi

ST3 Radiology, London

The MRCEM primary is without doubt one of the most difficult exams I have ever sat. This being said there is no reason why you can’t pass it and first time! The extensive question bank offered by MRCEM Exam Prep is by far the best representation of the real thing and the detailed explanations given make revising easier and more directed. I can’t recommend this website enough. Thank you MRCEM Exam Prep!

Dr. Victoria Jones

CT3 in Emergency Medicine, London

What a fantastic resource for exam revision. I’ve found this an extremely useful tool to improve my exam preparation.

Dr. Drew Maclean

ST3 Radiology, United Kingdom

I cleared the FRCEM Primary exam at the first attempt. I would like to thank FRCEM Exam Prep for their online resources, which were a great help and contributed a great part in my success. Thank you and I am now looking forward to using your resource for the FRCEM Intermediate

Dr. Jaizal Issac

Emergency Physician, India

Your quick and helpful response is very much appreciated. I’m always thankful to all of you who provide this platform for us candidates to revise. I subscribed earlier in the year too, and have noticed that there are updated and new questions – thank you.

Dr. Huei

Radiology Trainee, Malaysia

I really like the overall FRCR Physics question bank. I think there is a great range of questions. I particularly like the explanations and resources given with each one.

Dr. Vijayan

Radiology Trainee, United Kingdom

Your website looks amazing!!! It looks an amazing way to revise PLAB in short time. I will definitely recommend it to my friends overseas doing PLAB. Thank you.

Dr. N Rasheed

Junior Doctor, United Kingdom

Thanks for the very organized set of questions. I got through the FRCEM Primary exam easily. I only completed your question bank and had no time to refer to any other book as I had a very busy schedule. Thanks a lot.

Dr. Lakmal De Silva

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Singapore

MRCGP Exam Prep is an excellent resource for those sitting the MRCGP exam. There is an extensive range and number of practice questions, including timed mock examinations and you can very helpfully track your revision progress. It is also great value for money!

Dr. Sara Al-Atassi

Salaried GP, Surrey

MRCGP Exam Prep is a fantastic online resource which is closely aligned with the MRCGP exam. It is a reliable site to practice examination questions and a great way to prepare for the exam. It helped me spot the gaps in my revision and resulted in success on my first attempt at the MRCGP.

Dr. Jenny Hall

GP, London

How to Pass Medical Exams is absolutely essential reading. Covers many neglected aspects of exam preparation (that really make a difference) and more importantly, all done in a way that makes for an entertaining read. Also conveys many helpful hints and tips for living life as a medical student or doctor. I wish I had got hold of this book sooner!

Dr. Ken Ng

Junior Doctor, UK

My sincere thanks to the administrators for presenting with such a valuable resource for MRCEM Exam preparation. I passed my MRCEM Part A on first attempt. I have even listed the site on my EM Blog (www.accident-emergencymedicine.blogspot.com). Highly Recommended.

Dr. Abdul Sajjad Pathan

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Mumbai, India

Got my results of the exam today. I have passed on my first attempt. Just wanted to thank you people. Your question bank was a huge help for me. Thank you very much. Looking forward to getting your help for the next part as well. Cheers.

Dr. Hasitha Gunasekara

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Sri Lanka

How to Pass Medical Exams: If you’ve got a medical exam to sit then you need to read this book! Simples!

Mr. Ian McDermott

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, London

I have used this website for both MRCEM A and B preparation and found it highly informative. The questions are a very close reflection of actual exam. I would highly recommend this site to everyone preparing for MRCEM.

Dr. Jaswinder Singh

Emergency Medicine Registrar, Chelmsford, Essex

I just want to thank you for all your help with the part B MRCEM, which I passed recently. You are simply fantastic!”

Dr. Javaid Iqbal

Emergency Medicine Doctor, United Kingdom

How to Pass Medical Exams: What a fantastic book!! An invaluable exam tool written by a doctor who has been there and done it…. and survived.

Dr. Jennifer Hall

General Practitioner, London

FRCEM Exam Prep is an excellent way to prepare for the FRCEM. It is easy to dip in and out of and it’s great that it works on my phone. There is good broad coverage with in-depth feedback after each question.

Dr. Russell Ward

CT1 in Emergency Medicine, Guildford

I had no time, working in a busy ER with family responsibilities. I decided to start studying right after booking the exam with a 2 month window. The only choice was going for questions only. Friends advised me to go for the “FRCEM Exam Prep” question bank, I had doubts and wasn’t sure, but it was worth every single penny! I made it the first time! The question bank was harder than the real exam and made me feel well prepared. I only used it once and not even completely and passed it at the first attempt. The unique thing about the question bank is the variety, abundance and professionally, well written explanations. The website Admin spared nothing to help me through the preparation without a delay.

Dr. Ammar Ali

Emergency Medicine Resident, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

How to Pass Medical Exams: As someone who has always found studying to be laborious and often lacked the discipline to approach it in an efficient manner, this book was a godsend.

What I liked most about it was the holistic approach Dr Barton takes to exam preparation. Not only does he outline medical exam specific strategies and techniques, but he also identifies and expounds on the lifestyle factors that are critical to your success.

Amazon Customer

This is a comprehensive, one-stop platform for online MRCGP examination revision. There are a wide range of up-to-date, carefully written questions based on RCGP curriculum that are relevant to the MRCGP examination. It is great value for money and is definitely worth signing up for.

Dr. Yiyang Ng

GP/Medical Educator, Greater London

I am new to the site, so it’s difficult to comment on the content, but the Customer Service is OUTSTANDING. I had two early queries and they were answered and sorted extremely quickly.
I have already committed to the next exam with these guys because of this. I trust these guys to continue to improve the site, and to be available if I have any problems in the future.
Dr. Thomas Maynard

Acute medicine/A&E SHO, Kent

I just want to tell everyone that this is a fantastic site. I passed the exam on the first attempt!

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Ireland

How to Pass Medical Exams has been such a valuable resource for helping me past my medical exams. The information by the author is clear and concise throughout.It has also given me the confidence to develop my skills further into my career.

I would wholeheartedly recommend ‘How to Pass Medical Exams’ for anyone who is serious about passing their medical exams.

Amazon Customer

I am writing to thank you for the tremendous effort you people put in to develop and mature the FRCEM Intermediate exam resource. When I was taking this exam yesterday, it did feel for a moment that I am taking a mock at home.

Dr. Zohail Hassan

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Republic of Ireland

Statistically and speaking from experience, passing the MRCEM primary is one of the hardest post-graduate tasks that there is. The breadth of basic sciences and anatomy that you are expected to know is a formidable task. MRCEM Exam Prep has a large bank of questions that are all specifically designed for MRCEM Primary candidates. Each question provides ample and logical reasoning for the answers. The questions are a perfect aid to test how well your revision is going and give you an indication of whether you will be successful in the exam.

In short, use MRCEM Exam Prep and prepare to pass!

Dr. Murtaza Ali

CT1 in Emergency Medicine, London

Excellent resource for those revising for the FRCR 2A exam. Wide range of questions with thorough explanations and an emphasis on the differential diagnosis key points. Would recommend.
Dr. Nicholas Chua

ST3 Radiology, Basildon

What a phenomenal resource, I wish I had found out about it earlier! The explanations offered to each question not only clarify the right answer, but also make up a sound knowledge compendium which can be used to actually revise the curriculum. Using Medical Exam Prep is not only helping me pass exams, it is also making me a better radiologist.
Dr. Hugo Lopes

ST3 Radiology, Luton

I have been using your site for the past 6-8 months preparing for my FRCEM Primary. As always your reply service is amazing!! The site is really well detailed and gives loads of insight as to what needs to be known for the exam. I like the structure, especially the recent design where you can choose which sub-topic you want to revise.

Dr. Mikhail Baldacchino

Emergency Medicine ST1, England

I passed my FRCR final part A exam in June 2019. Your site helped me a lot in passing my exam – excellent work done by you guys to help me and others. I highly recommend your site if you want to pass the FRCR final part A exam… Thanks!
Dr. Redhu

Radiology Trainee, India

I used your website to prepare for my FRCEM primary and passed last December. Thank you for the in-depth question sets.

Dr. Ayodele

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Wales

Definitely a great resource for exam revision. I have found this very useful tool for exam preparation, this site helped me to achieve a high score in my FRCR 2A exam, I recommend this site.
Dr. Mo'at Hussein

Radiology Trainee, Jordan

MRCGP exam is a very difficult one and lots of practice and experience is needed. Your site is a one of the best sites with reliable and up-to-date questions and a large number of exam quizzes. There are also mock exams with timed and untimed features to help us to get through. From places like Sri Lanka , where exam material is very hard to find, your site lights my way through this hardiest process. I thank you and would recommend to others who are sitting the MRCGP. Thank you!
Dr. Wickramasinghe

GP trainee, Sri Lanka

How to Pass Medical Exams: Clarity, concision and confidence inducing. Essential.

Jon Elkon

Educationalist, London

I am preparing for the FRCEM primary exam. My only reliable resource is this study material and I find it is very informative, simply illustrated and useful, specially for the practicing physicians who doesn’t have the time to go through books like me. I would like to thank the team for the hard work for creating such an amazing resource.

Dr. Sunil Jirel

General Practice and Emergency Medicine, Nepal

This online revision resource is well researched and so is both challenging and appropriate for the MRCGP exam and a subscription to this website is a wise investment. Thank you to MRCGP Exam Prep for all the invaluable help in getting through this difficult exam.

Dr. Camilla Ducker

GP, London

Hi! I subscribed on your site for this examination resource and since then often receive useful information from you. Thank you so much for everything.

Dr. Talat

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Bahrain

How to Pass Medical Exams is an excellent book. A breath of fresh air in the industry of medical examination preparation! Dr Marc Barton shared his extensive knowledge and experience in this well written, easy-to-read, must-have book for medical students and doctors searching for a holistic approach in passing medical examinations. The section entitles “The little things that make a difference” highlights the intangible aspects (such as improving confidence, dealing with stress and anxiety, etc) of medical examination that is often overlooked in some textbooks.

Dr. Yiyang Ng

General Practitioner, Surrey

I did not study from any books, I only studied from the FRCEM Exam Prep site. It is absolutely enough for the exam, I want to tell everyone that if they want pass the Primary exam smoothly there is no need to study from any other source. Only subscribe and answer the questions and read the explanations. If you need help you can send to the admin team and they will answer you within hours. Thank you FRCEM Exam Prep!

Dr. Nashat

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Qatar

I’ve studied for FRCEM using your website and it was very helpful. Also want to say what an amazing resource PLAB Prep is for PLAB students. Fantastic! Many registrars in the Emergency department of CMC, Vellore found it to be very useful too.

Dr. KPP Abhilash

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Vellore, India

Excellent site, very similar to the actual exam, gives good feedback and allowed me to pass first time.

Dr. Miranvir Jaspal

CT1 in Emergency Medicine, United Kingdom

Very great and helpful materials. I passed the FRCEM Primary at the first attempt effortlessly. Many thanks.

Dr. Gbolabo Balogun

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Ireland

This website is a superior and more exam relevant revision tool than any of the other available preparation websites. The questions are challenging and exam oriented with detailed explanations, which are easy to memorize. In the end, I congratulate all of the FRCEM Exam Prep team for making such a wonderful website.

Dr. Rizwan Riyaz

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Saudi Arabia

How to Pass Medical Exams: A really helpful and well-written survival guide for passing exams. Definitely a must for every medical student.

Dr. Camilla Ducker

General Practitioner, London

FRCEM Exam Prep is a fantastic online portal for the FRCEM exams. I passed my first exam at the first attempt using it. The best feature is the simulation. The questions are similar to what appears in the real exam, the language used, the length of questions etc, and the site helps us to prepare from day one. Your preparations are incomplete without FRCEM exam prep! Thank you frcemexamprep.co.uk.

Dr. Krushna Patel

Emergency Medicine Physician, Mumbai, India

Excellent question bank for PLAB 1 preparation. Covers all topics as laid out in PLAB blueprint by GMC.

Dr. Patro

Junior Doctor, New Delhi, India

Honestly, I wish I had ‘How to Pass Medical Exams’ when I first entered medical school. It gives solid advice regarding not only how to study for exams but also how to write them. It puts little things that you might know in the back of your head into words for you to actively remember.

Furthermore, it stresses the importance of a healthy body to compliment a healthy mind, and it’s clear that Dr. Barton understands the struggle in lifestyle that many medical students experience. This was a really great book, and as headline says, it must be taken to heart to appreciate the full benefit of listening to Dr. Barton’s advice.”

Amazon Customer

Well I must say your website did really help me immensely clear my MRCEM Part A in first attempt. Very representative of the exam and the level of questions is apt. Most importantly the explanations saved me so much effort to look for answers. Needless to say I am enrolling for part B too!

Dr. Himanshu Gul Mirani,

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire

If you want to pass the FRCEM exam at the first attempt you really should register with this question bank website. It is very very nice and very helpful. It covers everything and there is no need to read from books or from any another website. Even if you only have two months left before the exam, don’t worry at all, just register with this website and surely you will pass, God willing! Also the FRCEM Exam Prep team are really nice and co-operative and helpful at any time.

Dr. Salma Sulieman Mahmoud

Ta’if, Saudi Arabia

I’m truly glad that I have passed my FRCEM Primary on first attempt. The questions on the website are in similar style and as challenging as the exam. Your reply to my questions was fast and you have provided helpful answers. Thank you and I’m truly eager to proceed with the FRCEM intermediate exam with the amazing help from the Medical Exam Prep team!

Dr. Ruzaini Razak

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Malaysia

This is an innovative and well-organised on-line learning tool to help candidates prepare for the MRCGP: designed and run by doctors who are themselves up to date with the College syllabus, it enables those doctors who are preparing for the MRCGP to critically appraise their potential weaknesses whilst getting extensive practice with typical AKT questions.  An ideal way to maximise one’s chances of passing the MRCGP!

Dr. Michael Barrie

GP Principal, Greater London

FRCEM Exam Prep is simply the most reliable question-bank/resource out there for the Primary. Having said that, the FRCEM Exam Prep team’s professionalism and support for each subscriber is remarkable. All I can say is that the site is outstanding. I recommend it 200%. Thank you. Thank you!!!

Dr. Adebisi Adedokun

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Ireland