Dr. Hicks is the founding physician of Veritas Cardiovascular in South Carolina. He noticed that patients were often confused by their diagnoses and why they were supposed to be taking certain medications. Medical staff can all feel the pressures of time during consultations, and on many occasions patients can leave without really understanding the explanations that have been given to them. His aim was to produce material that would enable his patients to have a greater depth of knowledge about their conditions and, in doing so, gain more insight and control over their lives.

These videos provide not just a helpful insight for patients but are also an excellent resource for healthcare professionals and Dr. Hicks has been kind enough to allow us to share these on Medical Exam Prep.

The first video explains how the heart works and gives a detailed platform from which further knowledge can be built:

The Heart – form and function from Evan Hallinan on Vimeo.


The second video discusses atrial fibrillation:

Understand AFib from Evan Hallinan on Vimeo.


The third video looks at congestive cardiac failure:

Understand CHF from Evan Hallinan on Vimeo.


Medical Exam Prep would like to thank Dr. John Hicks for contributing this post.

About Dr. John Reddick Hicks

John Reddick Hicks was born in Charlotte, NC. After graduating cum laude from Clemson University in 1981, he went on to attend medical school at MUSC in Charleston. Dr. Hicks was awarded “Resident of the Year” by the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in 1989 and has been practicing medicine in the State of South Carolina since 1993. He co-founded Palmetto Cardiology Associates in Columbia, SC and Clarendon Cardiovascular Associates in Manning, SC. Dr. Hicks served as the Chief of Cardiology at Providence Hospital in Columbia, SC for 3 years. He is now a resident of Garden City Beach, SC where he is the founding physician of Veritas Cardiovascular. More of his work at M.D.EduOnline can be seen here.