For medical students, learning how to diagnose and treat everyday illnesses, serious conditions and even life or death situations, is both complex and challenging.

Fortunately, modern technology provides numerous medical apps for students and doctors. These help with everything from memorization and study planning, and give you access to countless resources, references, calculations, and much more.


Here are 10 apps that are a must-have for medical students and doctors:

  1. Medscape – This is one of the most comprehensive medical apps for students and professionals. Along with educational courses, updates about various specialities and FDA announcements, it also provides expert-authored online and offline clinical information about diseases, conditions, treatments and procedures, drug-related resources such as dosages, interactions, medical calculators, and more.


  1. Daily Rounds for Doctors – This free and user-friendly app provides you with clinical scenarios for various medical board exams. Based on real-life cases, these are reviewed and validated by a team of more than 120 doctors. It also offers multiple-choice questions for each case, easy-to-use calculators, and updates about the latest news in medicine.


  1. Epocrates – This peer-reviewed reference app helps medical students and professionals make quicker decisions. Along with information about diseases, it provides a database for OTC, brand and generic drugs, including dosages, interactions, safety and treatment guidelines. It also includes handy calculators for GFR, BMI, etc.


  1. Prognosis – This award-winning free app includes hundreds of real-world clinical scenarios and detailed information about patient conditions, diagnostic reasoning and ideal treatment. Reviewed and validated by 120 healthcare professionals, it allows you to test your diagnostic and decision-making skills in a safe environment.


  1. Skyscape Medical Library – With a huge array of free and premium resources, this is one of the top medical apps for medical students, nurses and physicians. It provides in-depth information on more than 850 topics, including clinical cases, drugs, diseases and disorders, etc. The app also includes clinical consult features, medical calculators, guides and manuals.


  1. Diseases Dictionary Medical – This free medical dictionary and thesaurus app is great for students and healthcare professionals alike since it can be downloaded for offline access. It provides comprehensive information about medical conditions, diseases, symptoms, causes, treatment, prescription drugs, interactions, side effects, etc.


  1. Drugs Dictionary – This is another free pharmaceuticals dictionary app that can be accessed offline, with a user-friendly interface and detailed information about a huge range of drugs. It includes everything from drug uses and dosage to interactions, side effects, precautions, storage instructions, missed dosages and more.


  1. Brainscape – When you have huge amounts of medical information to memorize, this free flashcards app helps you study faster and more efficiently. It uses the spaced repetition technique to boost learning speed and retention. Bookmark flashcards for later, or make your own decks and share them with others for collaborative study.


  1. Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D – This app provides beautifully detailed 3D models of the human body, information about 145 muscles, and quizzes about anatomy. You can control each of the seven models to view and manipulate major muscles, joints and bones, which helps you understand how muscles move inside the body.


  1. MedCalX – Like other medical apps for medical students and professionals, this easy-to-use calculator helps you save time and make faster decisions in critical situations. The app gives you instant access to a huge variety of medical calculations, including scores, formulas, classifications and scales, as well as your own most-used equations.


Feel free to comment below and let us know if we’ve missed any useful medical apps for students or you have a favourite you’d like to share!

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